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Track (and pattern) effects summary 
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Post Track (and pattern) effects summary
Player completion (player plays all XMs/ITs I have correctly !!!):
- Order list handling (90%)
- Effect handler (100%)
- Note handler (90%)
- Instrument/Sample getter (90%)
- Several effects (all marked with *)
- Volume/Panning/Slide envelopes/Fadeout (100%)
- Keyoff/Note cut/Note kill/Sustain points (100%)

Effect list (may change and INCREASE !!!):
00-1F Note effects
20-2F Volume effects
30-3F Panning effects
40-4F Pattern/Channel effects
50-5F Instrument effects
60-7E Global effects
7F    For you to sync within your C00L demos/etc.
Bit #7 is used by the TCT1-packer to detect more effects per row.

Effect                  Params  Description
Note effects (00-1F):
00!Arpeggio             xxyy    xx = 1st halftone, yy = 2nd halftone. Both
                                xx and yy are signed, that means a negative
                                value makes a backward arpeggio.
01*Portamento up        xxyy    xx = Porta slide val, yy = Superfine
                                slide value (allow you 1/256 slides)...
02*Portamento down      xxyy    Same as 01 except it slides down.
03*Fine Portamento up   xxyy    Same as 01 except it slides with 16x accuracy.
04*Fine Portamento down xxyy    Same as 02 except it slides with 16x accuracy.
05*Portamento up once   xxyy    Same as 01 except it slides only once.
06*Portamento down once xxyy    Same as 02 except it slides only once.
07*Fine porta up once   xxyy    Same as 03 except with 16x accuracy.
08*Fine porta down once xxyy    Same as 04 except with 16x accuracy.
09*Tone portamento      xxyy    Same as 01 and 02, except it requires
                                a note as target slide...
0A*Fine tone portamento xxyy    Same as 05 except it slides with 16x
                                accuracy to target note.
0B*Tone portamento once xxyy    Same as 05 except it slides only once
0C*Fine tone porta once xxyy    Same as 06 except it slides only once
0D?Note slide           xxyy    Action depends on xx:
                                xx | Meanings
                                10 | Note slide up by yy notes each row
                                1F | Fine note slide up yy notes on 1st row
                                20 | Note slide down by yy notes each row
                                2F | Fine note slide down yy notes on 1st row

                                If xx or yy the previous value will be used
                                Pitch panning separation IS NOT AFFECTED
                                BY THIS ONE, YOU HAVE TO DO A PANNING SLIDE
                                OR SUCH IF YOU WANT THIS !
0E*Vibrato              xxyy    xx = Vibrato speed, yy = Vibrato depth.
                                Note: Vibrato depth is SIGNED, that means,
                                an negative value will negate the vibrato
                                envelope value (- * + inverts sign, right ?)
                                Vibrato is compatible with PT & co. if the
                                vibrato envelope has a length of 64 ticks and
                                the amplitude of the envelope is 256. Also
                                the values need to be inverted.
0F*Fine vibrato         xxyy    Same as 0E except with 4x accuracy.
10*Vibrato once         xxyy    Same as 0E but vibrates only once per row
11*Fine vibrato once    xxyy    Same as 0F except with 4x accuracy.
12*Do Keyoff at Tick    xxxx    This simply does a Keyoff note at tick xxxx
13 Hold delay at Tick   xxxx    This does a hold delay note at tick xxxx
14*Note fade at Tick    xxxx    This invokes fadeout at tick xxxx
15*Note cut             xyyy    Cut note at tick yyy...if x = 0 then just the
                                volume is set to zero, else the note will be
                                turned off completely...
16*Note delay           xxxx    Delays the note until tick xxxx
17*Tremor               xxyy    Turns the note on xx ticks and off yy ticks
18*Note retrigger       xxxx    This command is mostly the same as the
                                ProTracker note retrig (E9x) command. The
                                difference here is, that if the first x
                                greater than 8, the others are a divider, e.g.
                                18-8002 will be a divider of 2, which means
                                that the current tempo will be divided by 2
                                and be used as a retrig value. That means if
                                the tempo is 6, for example, the retrig will
                                retriggered 2 times, i.e. at tick 0 and 3.
                                But, if the tempo is 12, for example, it will
                                be retriggered at ticks 0 and 6, instead.
                                18-8003 with a tempo of 6 will do 3 retrigs
                                at ticks 0, 2 and 4. The same with tempo 12
                                will do 3 retrigs at ticks 0, 4 and 8. It will
                                always be rounded down, i.e. tempo 8 with
                                18-8003 will retrig each 2 ticks, because 8/3
                                is rounded 2.7, which gets 2 (i.e. the fraction
                                is just dropped away)

19*Multi retrig note    xxyz    This is the new ST3 retrigger, which allows
                                you to change the volume each retrig. A yz of
                                80-BF will cause a volume add of (yz-7Fh)*0yy
                                each retrig, where 0yy is the value given with
                                Extended control. C0-FF will do the same thing
                                but subtract. If you use Tracker-like volumes
                                (00-40), the formula will be (yz-7Fh) or
                                (yz-BFh). 00-7F will cause to multiple with
                                y/z, e.g. 25 will cause the original volume
                                multiplied by 2/5 each retrig. If one of the
                                values is 00, the previous value will be
1A?Extended control     xyyy    x decides what should happen:
                                x | Meanings
                                0 | Set frequence table (if yyy = 000 use
                                    linear else use amiga frequence table)
                                1 | Glissando control (if 0yy = 000 turn
                                    glissando off, else turn it on, causing
                                    tone portamentoes rounded to the nearest
                                    yyyth half-tone)
                                2 | Multi retrig control. 2xyy can contain:
                                    2x | Meanings
                                    20 | Set volume amplifier to yy for 8-bit
                                         volumes, 00 will be set to 01 which
                                         is the default and values greater
                                         than 04 are clipped to 04. This
                                         effect won't do anything in Tracker
                                         compatible volume mode, i.e. volumes
                                         ranging from 00-40.
                                    21 | If yy is zero, sub-slides will be
                                         disabled, else they will be enabled
                                    22 | Set multi retrig divider (see Note
                                         Retrigger (18) for details) to yy.
                                         The divider will be used until it will
                                         be resetted with Multi retrig note
                                         (19), i.e. initializing a new xx
                                         value. Changing the divider must be
                                         done after Multi retrig note (19).
                                3 | Cut all NNA notes (yyy MUST SET TO 0,
                                    because it may do something in future
                                    versions of TuComposer !!!)
                                4 | Fadeout all NNA notes (yyy MUST SET TO 0)
                                5 | Do keyoff on all NNA notes (yyy MUST 0)
                                6 | Set pitch subslide value to 0yy
1B Invert loop          xxxx    Some trackers call it Funk It!, xxxx is speed
                                of sample inverted. This effect allows you
                                to play several positions of a sample to be
                                inverted. In ProTracker this cute effect
                                surely was used to create something like
                                surround sound, because surround sound
                                is created by playing the left channel
                                inverted on the right. In TuComposer this
                                effect surely is redundant, because there is
                                an much enhanced surround option. Also
                                remember that this effect changes THE SAMPLE
                                DATA !!! That means, if you want to save your
                                module unchanged, play the module again, so
                                inversion will be undone.
1C*Execute FX at Tick   xxxx    Causes following FXs to be executed at tick
                                xxxx. This function can also be used to
                                simulate fast slides/vibratos/etc. by putting
                                0000 in the data word.
1D*Stop FX              xxyy    Causes effect yy to be stopped immediately,
                                i.e. slides will stop, etc. xx presents an
                                tick where the stop should be performed. If
                                xx is set to zero, it will stop immediately

Volume effects (20-2F):
20*Set volume           xxyy    Sets volume to xx, subvol to yy...
21*Volume slide up      xxyy    Same as 01, but it slides the volume instead.
22*Volume slide down    xxyy    Same as 21, except it slides down...
23*Fine volume slide up xxyy    Same as 21, except it slides only once
24*Fine volume slide dn xxyy    Same as 23, except it slides down...
25*Volume slide to      xxyy    Same as 21/22, except you can give a target
                                slide (like tone portamento). If xx = 00,
                                the slide will be done instead, with a speed
                                of yy, if you set FF instead, a fine volume
                                slide with a speed of yy will be done.
26*Tremolo              xxyy    Like vibrato but affects volume instead.
27*Tremolo once         xxyy    Same as 26 but vibrates only once per row.
28*Set track volume     xxyy    Sets volume of current track. Comes in handy
                                if you want to create echoes on multiple
                                channels with couple of notes in them and
                                is VERY USEFUL when there are couple of volume
                                slides in it, they're all scaled correctly !
29*Track vol slide up   xxyy    Same as 21 but affects track volume
2A*Track vol slide down xxyy    Same as 29 but slides down instead
2B*Fine T. vol slide up xxyy    Same as 29 but slides only once
2C*Fine T. vol slide dn xxyy    Same as 2A but slides only once
2D*Track vol slide to   xxyy    Same as 25 but affects track volume
2E*Track Tremolo        xxyy    If you want do a tremolo over the whole
                                track, this is for you !
2F*Track Tremolo once   xxyy    2E except it slides only once

Panning effects (30-3F):
30*Set panning position xxyy    Set panning position to xx, yy is the sub pos
                                (used by pan-slides).
31*Panning slide left   xxyy    Same as 21 except affects panning
32*Panning slide right  xxyy    Same as 31 except slides to right
33*Fine pan slide left  xxyy    Same as 31 except slides only once
34*Fine pan slide right xxyy    Same as 32 except slides only once
35*Panning slide to     xxyy    Same as 25, except it slides to the specified
                                panning position
36*Pannolo              xxyy    If you need a panning tremolo, use this !
                                IT calls it Panbrello, but as I had the idea
                                by myself also and selected this name, I will
                                keep it !
37*Pannolo once         xxyy    If you think normal pannolo is too fast, try
                                this, it will vibrate only once per row.
38*Set track panning    xxyy    Set track panning position. Comes in handy,
                                when you want slide a complete track from
                                left to right. However, samples using the
                                sample/instrument panning are not affected
                                by this
39*Track pan slide left xxyy    Same as 31 but affects track panning instead
3A*Track pan sl. right  xxyy    Same as 39 but slides right instead
3B*Fine T. pan s. left  xxyy    Same as 39 but slides only once
3C*Fine T. pan s. right xxyy    Same as 3B but slides right instead
3D*Track pan slide to   xxyy    Same as 35 but affects track panning instead
3E*Track pannolo        xxyy    Same as 36 but for track panning
3F*Track pannolo once   xxyy    Same as 3E but slides only once per row

Pattern/Channel effects (40-4F):
40*Set tempo            xxxx    Sets tempo (0000 marks song end), default is
                                6 as in all the other trackers. This will
                                only affect current track, as each track can
                                have it's different speed !
41*Set relative tempo   xxxx    Changes tempo from current one, i.e. FFFE
                                (making the song 2 ticks per row faster)
                                will subtract two, and 0002 will add two to
                                current. This is also a fine tempo slide.                               
42*Pattern break        xxxx    Breaks current pattern playing and starts
                                new pattern at row xxxx
43*Position jump        xxxx    xxxx is the position/order list number of this
44?Relative pos jump    xxxx    Same as 43 but jumps relative from current
                                one (0002 would jump 2 orders forward, FFFE
                                would jump 2 orders backwards).
45?Change pattern       xxxx    It selects just another pattern without
                                breaking. xxxx is track number. The new
                                pattern will be played after the last tick
                                and will also not be played from beginning !
46?Reverse pattern play xxxx    if xxxx is 0000 it will be just reversed,
                                FF00 will cause pattern to be played always
                                backwards, and 0001 always to be forwards
47*Pattern delay        xxxx    The row will be delayed xxxx*Tempo ticks,
                                All effects will continue executing
48*Fine pattern delay   xxxx    Same as 47, except it will delay xxxx ticks
                                (allows you finer delays)
49!Pattern loop         xxxx    Pattern loop. 0000 sets loop mark (pushes
                                current position on to the stack), any other
                                value will cause jump to this position xxxx
                                times back. If loop done, stack will be
                                corrected. If the stack is full, the previous
                                loop mark will be overwritten. So loops can
                                be nested (you can select a stack size in the
4A GoSub                xxxx    Same as 43, except it performs a gosub and
                                will store the position. You can return to
                                this position easily performing a Return.
                                This function allows you pattern loops to be
                                over more than one position. A stack size
                                for the GoSub command can be selected in
                                the tracker. If the stack is full and you
                                execute GoSub, the command will be ignored.
4B Return               xxxx    If xxxx is 0000 it will return to row after
                                the previous GoSub being executed. If you
                                don't push any gosubs on the stack and
                                execute this effect, it will cause the track
                                to be disabled the rest of the song. If xxxx
                                is non-zero it will jump to row xxxx
4C Channel synchronize  xxyy    Causes this channel to be in halted mode
                                until the channels xx and yy reach the same
                                row as this track. If xx and yy are 0000,
                                it will synchronize with all channels. If xx
                                and yy contain the same value, you will sync
                                only with one channel.
4D?Set target sub-slide xxyy    This sets the target sub-slide of xx to yy
                                Because the the target slides don't allow you
                                to do sub-slides directly, use this effect.
                                xx may contain:
                                xx | Meanings
                                01 | Volume sub-slide
                                02 | Track volume sub-slide
                                04 | Global volume sub-slide
                                08 | Panning sub-slide
                                10 | Track panning sub-slide
                                20 | Global panning sub-slide
                                You can add the xx values together to set the
                                sub-slide for more than one type at once. If
                                xx is zero the previous bits will be used.

Instrument effects (50-5F):
50*Sample offset HI     xxxx    This sets the HI-word (yes, you can set all
                                32-bits in TuComposer !!!), where the sample
                                starts playing. It will cause the sample to be
                                played at the xxxx*10000hth sample
                                (not length !!!). The HI-offset will be used
                                until it is changed. That means if the sample
                                always will offset to 12000h for example,
                                you just have one time to execute 50-0001 !
51*Sample offset LO     xxxx    Same as 50 but changes the lower 16 bits
                                instead. The upper 16 bits are set with 50.
                                This effect causes the sample offset actually
                                to be set. That means you must use 50 before
                                this or the 50 will not have an effect. If
                                you set the sample offset relative bit,
                                the sample offset will be set relatively
                                from current position !
52 Set hold             xxxx    Set hold counted value to xxxx
53 Set decay            xxxx    Set decay or decay counter (depending on
                                if the decay is already in action) to xxxx
54?Set Transpose        xxyy    Must be used with a note...yy is a new 8-bit
                                finetune to be used. xx is an valid transpose.
55 Instrument control   xxyy    This will change some special instrument flags
                                If these following bits are in xx they will
                                be disabled, if they're in yy they will be
                                enabled instead. If they're not in any of
                                these both, the value will be prevented:
                                xx/yy | Meanings
                                  0   | Sample panning bit
                                  1   | Position transposable bit
                                  3   | Slide envelopes portamento bit
                                  4   | Slide envelope linear frequence bit
                                  5   | Sample offset relative bit
                                  7   | Auto vibrato linear frequence bit
56 Instrument change    xyyy    Changes some instrument values. x is what
                                to change:
                                x | Meanings
                                0 | Change instrument global volume to 0yy
                                1 | Change instrument volume swing to yyy
                                2 | Change instrument panning swing to yyy
                                3 | Change instrument pitch swing to yyy%
                                4 | Change instrument fadeout to yyy0
                                5 | Change fadeout count to yyy0 if yyy = 000
                                    then stop fadeout
                                6 | Auto Vibrato/Tremolo/Pannolo change.
                                    y | Meanings
                                    0 | Set auto vibrato sweep to yy
                                    1 | Set auto vibrato depth to yy
                                    2 | Set auto vibrato rate to yy
                                    4 | Set auto tremolo sweep to yy
                                    5 | Set auto tremolo depth to yy
                                    6 | Set auto tremolo rate to yy
                                    8 | Set auto pannolo sweep to yy
                                    9 | Set auto pannolo depth to yy
                                    A | Set auto pannolo rate to yy
                                7 | Set pitch panning separation to yyy
                                8 | Set pitch panning center to 0yy
                                9 | Set DCA to (cut = 0yy = 0, off = 0yy = 1,
                                    fade = 0yy = 2)
57*Synth control        xxyy    Provides you control over the synthetic
                                funcions, e.g. you're allowed to put values
                                into the variables. xx contains the number
                                of following values to be affected too, e.g.
                                57-0F10 will set all variables. If bit #7 in
                                yy is set, the value will be set immediately
                                with the one of the previous 58-xxxx command.
                                yy may contain:
                                yy | Meanings
                                00 | Set volume handling code position
                                01 | Set panning handling code position
                                02 | Set slide handling code position
                                03 | Set special handling code position
                                04 | Set volume sustain release position
                                05 | Set panning sustain release position
                                06 | Set slide sustain release position
                                07 | Set special sustain release position
                                08 | Set volume NNA trigger position
                                09 | Set panning NNA trigger position
                                0A | Set slide NNA trigger position
                                0B | Set special NNA trigger position
                                0C | Set volume DNA trigger position
                                0D | Set panning DNA trigger position
                                0E | Set slide DNA trigger position
                                0F | Set special DNA trigger position
                                1x | Set variable x value
                                20 | Set volume condition variable value
                                21 | Set panning condition variable value
                                22 | Set slide condition variable value
                                23 | Set special condition variable value
                                24 | Set sample waveform
                                25 | Set vibrato waveform
                                26 | Set tremolo waveform
                                27 | Set pannolo waveform
                                28 | Set arpeggio waveform

58!Set synth value      xxxx    If used with a synth/hybrid sample, it will
                                set the synth value prepared with Synth
                                control (57). See there for more details.
59*Envelope control     xxyy    xx is kind of envelope. yy is what to change.
                                You must call this one before Set envelope
                                value (5A), which actually makes the change !
                                xx may contain:
                                xx | Meanings
                                00 | Select volume envelope
                                01 | Select panning envelope
                                02 | Select slide envelope
                                03 | Select vibrato envelope
                                04 | Select tremolo envelope
                                05 | Select pannolo envelope
                                06 | Select channolo envelope
                                07 | Select spenolo envelope
                                08 | Select auto vibrato envelope
                                09 | Select auto tremolo envelope
                                0A | Select auto pannolo envelope
                                0B | Select track tremolo envelope
                                0C | Select track pannolo envelope
                                0D | Select global tremolo envelope
                                0E | Select global pannolo envelope
                                0F | Select arpeggio envelope (01, 11, 02 and
                                     12 have no effect on arpeggio envelope)
                                If bit #7 is set, the value will be set
                                immediately with the value given to the
                                previous 5A command, so you don't need an
                                5A in this case, saving some pattern space.

                                yy may contain:
                                00 | Set the waveform
                                10 | Reset envelope (no 5A required)
                                01 | Set retrig flag off (no 5A required)
                                11 | Set retrig flag on (no 5A required)
                                02 | Set random flag off (no 5A required)
                                12 | Set random flag on (no 5A required)
                                22 | Set random delay flag off (no 5A required)
                                32 | Set random delay flag on (no 5A required)
                                03 | Set count and set off (no 5A required)
                                13 | Set count and set on (no 5A required)
                                04 | Set envelope position
                                14 | Set envelope position by node selection
                                05 | Set envelope tempo
                                15 | Set relative envelope tempo
                                25 | Set fine envelope tempo (count)
                                06 | Set sustain start point
                                07 | Set sustain end point
                                08 | Set sustain loop count value
                                09 | Set sustain loop counted value
                                0A | Set loop start point
                                1A | Set current loop start point
                                0B | Set loop end point
                                1B | Set current loop end point
                                0C | Set loop count value
                                0D | Set loop counted value
                                0E | Set random lowest value
                                0F | Set random highest value

5A*Set envelope value   xxxx    This sets the value for the envelope for
                                envelope control. See envelope control for
                                more details about this
5B*NNA control          xxyy    Provides you control over the NNA feature
                                of TuComposer. NNAs are new note actions and
                                are first found in IT (wonderful program !).
                                Valid xx & yy values:
                                xx | yy | Meanings
                                00 | 00 | Note cut (as in all trackers)
                                00 | 01 | Note off (do keyoff on previous)
                                00 | 02 | Note continue (until sample end)
                                00 | 03 | Note fade (fade out previous notes)
                                11 | 00 | Set all DCT bits (same as FF)
                                11 | 01 | Set Duplicate Note Check Type to
                                          Instrument note (OR)
                                11 | 02 | Set DCT to sample note (OR)
                                11 | 04 | Set DCT to instrument (OR)
                                11 | 08 | Set DCT to sample (OR)
                                11 | 10 | Set DCT to instrument note (AND)
                                11 | 20 | Set DCT to sample note (AND)
                                11 | 40 | Set DCT to instrument (AND)
                                11 | 80 | Set DCT to sample (AND)
                                01 | 00 | Clear all DCT bits (like FF)
                                01 | 01 | Clear DCT to instrument note (OR)
                                01 | 02 | Clear DCT to sample note (OR)
                                01 | 04 | Clear DCT to instrument (OR)
                                01 | 08 | Clear DCT to sample (OR)
                                01 | 10 | Clear DCT to instrument note (AND)
                                01 | 20 | Clear DCT to sample note (AND)
                                01 | 40 | Clear DCT to instrument (AND)
                                01 | 80 | Clear DCT to sample (AND)
                                02 | 00 | Set Duplicate Note Action to cut
                                02 | 01 | Set Duplicate Note Action to keyoff
                                02 | 02 | Set DNA to fade out

                                Remember, DCT bits can be combined (e.g. 06
                                will affect both instruments and samples
                                to be compared with OR when 11 would used)

58 Loop control         xyyy    Allows you a limited sample loop control
                                x may contain:
                                x | Meanings
                                0 | Change loop mode (y = 000 off, 001
                                    forward, 002 backward, 003 ping pong)
                                1 | Set repeat start value to yyy*100h
                                2 | Set repeat length value to yyy*100h
                                3 | Set loop counting value (000 for
                                4 | Set loop counted value
                                5 | Change sustain loop (same values as 0)
                                6 | Set sustain repeat start to yyy*100h
                                7 | Set sustain repeat length to yyy*100h
                                8 | Set sustain loop count value
                                9 | Set sustain loop counted value
                                A | Change play direction (FFF is backwards,
                                    000 is reverse direction, 001 is forward)

Global effects (60-7E):
60*Set Speed            xyyy    Changes BPM or SPD values. yyy is the new
                                value or 0000 for no change. x can contain:
                                x | Meanings
                                0 | BPM
                                1 | BPM Tempo (Rows per beat)
                                2 | SPD
                                7 | y1/y2th of original speed i.e. 2/3, 1/2

                                If you add 8 to x, the speed value will only
                                be set but not used. This is useful if you
                                want to prepare a pattern that uses SPD timing
                                when the current one uses BPM. If x is 0 or 1,
                                BPM timing will be used. BPM Tempo tells how
                                many rows are considered as a beat. The
                                default for BPM is 125, BPM Tempo, 4 and for
                                SPD 33. To use a pre-defined speed value,
                                just do a x000 in the data word. x = 7 has
                                a special case, if it's set (default is 1/1),
                                the speed values will be multiplied by the
                                value of the hi-nibble of the LO-word and then
                                divided by the lo-nibble of the LO-word, e.g.
                                a 60-7023 will cause e.g. SPD to be multiplied
                                by 2 and then divided by 3, causing a 2/3 of
                                SPD value to be used. SPD values <= 10 will
                                be recognized as old SoundTracker tempos (MED
61*Speed slide faster   xxxx    Just like 01, but affects speed instead. It
                                will always slide the currently selected
                                timing mode with 60-xyyy...Note that it will
                                only be updated if you use an x < 8 in 60.
62*Speed slide slower   xxxx    Same as 61, but will make the song slower.
63*Fine speed s. faster xxxx    Same as 61, but will slide only once per row
64*Fine speed s. slower xxxx    Same as 63, but will make the song slower.
65 Speed slide to       xxyy    Acts like 25 but affects speed slide only.
                                xx is the value to slide to and yy is the
                                slide count.
66 Spenolo              xxyy    A vibrato-like command to speed !!!
67 Spenolo once         xxyy    Slower version of 66, only once per row !
68 Channel control      xyzz    Channel control. Action depends on xy. Effect
                                channel allows you to redirect effects to
                                another channel. The difference between once
                                effect and effect are, that once returns after
                                one effect automatically while the other needs
                                a 68-0000. This DOES NOT AFFECT NOTES, ONLY
                                EFFECTS. The main idea behind this is, that
                                channels can control other channels by per-
                                forming, e.g. a pattern break. This allows
                                some sync within your channels. MOD/S3M/IT,
                                etc. compatible mode an be achieved by setting
                                to channel control global and control to whole
                                song and affect non-note effects only. The xy
                                x | y | Action
                                0 | 0 | Set channel control mode.
                                        zz flags (hi-nibble, lo-nibble):
                                        zh| zl| Action
                                        0 | 0 | Channel ctrl off
                                        0 | 1 | Channel ctrl normal
                                        0 | 2 | Channel ctrl multi
                                        0 | 3 | Channel ctrl global
                                        0 | 4 | Channel ctrl multi select
                                        0 | 5 | Channel ctrl multi deselect
                                        0 | 6 | Channel ctrl multi invert
                                        1 | 0 | Control mode normal (one fx)
                                        1 | 1 | Control mode one tick
                                        1 | 2 | Control mode one row
                                        1 | 3 | Control mode one track
                                        1 | 4 | Control mode whole song
                                        2 | 0 | Affect note effects
                                        2 | 1 | No note affect
                                        3 | 0 | Affect non-note effects
                                        3 | 1 | No non-note affect

                                0 | 1 | Set effect channel to zz.
                                0 | 2 | Slide effect channel left zz.
                                0 | 3 | Slide effect channel right zz.
                                0 | 4 | Fine slide e. channel left zz.
                                0 | 5 | Fine slide e. channel right zz.
                                0 | 6 | Set target slide effect channel to zz.
                                0 | 7 | Do slide effect channel to zz.
                                0 | 8 | Do fine slide effect channel to zz.
                                0 | 9 | Channolo (Vibrato for channels)
                                        zh is speed, zl is depth
                                0 | A | Fine channolo
                                1 | 0 | Channel surround mode
                                        zz flags (hi-nibble, lo-nibble):
                                        zh| zl| Action
                                        0 | 0 | Surround off
                                        0 | 1 | Surround on
                                        1 | 0 | Track surround off
                                        1 | 1 | Track surround on
                                        2 | 0 | Global surround off
                                        2 | 1 | Global surround on

                                1 | 1 | Channel MUTE mode (zz = 00
                                        means to unMUTE, else MUTE it)
69*Set global volume    xxyy    Same as 28 but will change the volume of the
                                whole song
6A*Global vol slide up  xxyy    Same as 29 but will slide the global volume
6B*Global vol slide dn  xxyy    Same as 6A but will slide down instead
6C*Fine glob. vol s. up xxyy    Same as 6A but will slide only once per row
6D*Fine glob. vol s. dn xxyy    Same as 6C but will slide down instead
6E*Global vol slide to  xxyy    Same as 2D but will affect global volume
6F*Global tremolo       xxyy    Same as 2E but will vibrate global volume
70*Global tremolo once  xxyy    Same as 6F but will vibrate only once per row
71*Set global panning   xxyy    Same as 38 but will affect global panning
72*Global pan s. left   xxyy    Same as 39 but will affect global panning
73*Global pan s. right  xxyy    Same as 72 but will slide right instead
74*F. gl. pan s. left   xxyy    Same as 72 but slides only once per row
75*F. gl. pan s. right  xxyy    Same as 74 but slides right instead
76*Global pan slide to  xxyy    Same as 3D but affects global panning instead
77*Global pannolo       xxyy    Same as 3E but affects global panning
78*Global pannolo once  xxyy    Same as 77 but vibrates only once per row

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