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A brief history in time... 
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Post A brief history in time...
------------------------ HISTORY OF TuComposer.DIZ ------------------------
                           initially on 17-o3-97

NOTE: This history only is for TuComposer.DIZ not for the whole program !
      That means, changes in TuComposer itself (like Bugfixes) aren't
      mentioned here.

17.o3.97 - Global volume for samples/instruments implemented.
         - Instrument panning implemented for more IT compatibility.         
18.o3.97 - Pitch panning implemented (pitch pan separation, pitch pan center)
         - Effect 55 (Instrument change) enhanced to pitch panning controls
         - Reordered the sample structure format (should be more effective
           in the replay routines (MOVEM.L can be used now in a better way).
19.o3.97 - ITI loader completed (ImpulseTracker Instruments)
2o.o3.97 - XM/IT instrument loaders finished
26.o3.97 - Sample offset relation added
31.o3.97 - Soundcard device & Mixer LVOs done
o5.o4.97 - Default surround panning for tracks/instruments/samples added
11.o4.97 - New mixer LVOs added (ChangeMixerTempo() & ChangeMixerVolTable())
           Text about, what probably will happen after TuComposer
           Informations for tracker coders added - no panic !
           Amiga Native Paula soundcard driver finished
12.o4.97 - 2 parameters added to ChangeMixerVolTable(): LeftVol (D1),
           RightVol (D2).
13.o4.97 - InitMixer() & ChangeMixer() GMix parameter removed (these are
           now put directly in the library header)
15.o4.97 - High Quality Mixer nearly finished (all except Interpolation works)
           I created a 9 second 16-bit 64kHz stereo RAW file with an test
           disk writer (THE FILE WAS 2.1 MB BIG !!!) and played it back with
           Play16 1.5. The high quality mixer had mixed 16 channels with
           panning $40 and true 16-bit mixing. The sample was a nice 12-bit
           sample (converted from 8-bit). The quality was that fuckin' ama-
           zing !!! BTW: My 68030-50 in real time mixing dies at 11kHz with 2
           channels if I use non-left & right & central pan (only if I enable
           true 16-bit mixing, though). I hope, you're a lucky owner of an
           68060, like MCP if ya want to use this one...
19.o4.97 - Added flags (D2) parameter for ReSample() LVO.
         - Added ConvertStereo() to allow conversion of stereo to mono & vice
           versa samples (although none of the sampler functions supports
           currently stereo samples (but mixing routines do support !))
         - Added CIdentify() to allow cruncher identification
         - GetBiggestAmplify() & GetLowestAmplify() finished
         - Position order list related LVOs changed, added some new...
           Some being finished.
28.o4.97 - Some song LVOs implemented
         - SetTempo() changed to SetSongChannels()
         - SetSongTempo() changed to SetStack()
o1.o5.97 - SetStack() & SetSongChannels() completed
         - One new command added: Note slide (0D)
         - Glissando control extended
         - Last note control (1D) putted into Extended control (1A)   
o2.o5.97 - First 2 instrument compatibility flags defined
         - Cut/Copy/Paste song related functions finished
o3.o5.97 - GetSongInstrs(), ReMapSongInstrs() & SetBaseSongInstrs() added
         - CmpTracks() added
         - Redirection tracks removed. They were pretty useless due to power-
           ful order list functions.
         - Several LVOs changed/added (CmpTracks(), etc.)
         - All pattern functions removed
o4.o5.97 - TCM1 file format defined except SNTH chunk (Synthetic power not
           clear now, so the chunk is left out currently)
         - Almost all module related functions completed
         - AddInstrEnvelopes() added for adding envelopes to the module
           structure. This is pretty useful for external instrument loaders.
o9.o5.97 - Player completion process added. Works quite well now.
13.o5.97 - Envelope & Arpeggio repeat counter added
         - Envelope randomize bound added
         - Set envelope value added
         - Changed Loop control (58) and Envelope control (59)
         - Added Set envelope value (5A)
         - Removed Set waveform (56), Arpeggio control (57)
         - Splitted Set Hold/Decay (52) to Set Hold (52) and Set Decay (53)
         - NNA control (5B) changed (i.e. enhanced)
16.o5.97 - ReMapSong() & ReMapTCModule() and CmpEnvelopes() added
         - IT loader begun
17.o5.97 - Channel control added with multichannel select/deselect/invert
2o.o5.97 - Volume/Panning/Frequency formulas added
23.o5.97 - Added DCA (Decay Action): What to do when decay is off
         - Added standard MIDI parameters for instrument
         - Updated envelope retrigger flags with track/global tremolo/pannolo
         - Added envelope usage flags
         - Added volume swing formula
         - Added volume handling Asm-code (for Motorola 68020+)
26.o5.97 - Global panning surround mode added
         - Added channel lock surround
o2.o6.97 - Added Note swing (like pitch swing but note based)
         - Auto vibrato/tremolo/pannolo sweep changed from UBYTE to UWORD
           (this is for XM compatibility, because XM handles sweep a little
           bit different). TuComposer handles them like IT does.
o7.o6.97 - Added CheckSoundDeviceRateFraction() for Paula-like devices.
12.o6.97 - MOD loader 5o% finished
15.o6.97 - Instrument parameters added: Envelope processing flags, Default
           sub panning and MIDI pitchbender.
18.o6.97 - Several new functions added (GetNumSongs(), GetSongNum(), etc.)
19.o6.97 - Changed FORMxxxxARPL chunk of TCM1-format
2o.o6.97 - CmpKeyboards() added
22.o6.97 - Added UpdateSoundDeviceRate() and ChangeMixerRate() to support
           auto sample rate decreasing on CPU overloading. So the internal
           paula driver now decreases the rate downto 4KHz when the CPU
           is overloaded. If the rate goes below 4KHz the playback will be
           stopped. This prevents hanging ups in interrupts.
28.o8.97 - Added some facts about MIDI vs. MODs (just for info)
o9.11.97 - Added AddPlayExecHandler() & RemPlayExecHandler()
24.11.97 - Added GetOptimalChannels()
26.11.97 - Added GetOptimalVChannels()
           Added infos about the OPTIMOD format
o6.12.97 - Changed the TCM format (Instruments/Samples) due to improve
           IT/S3M/MOD compatibility (hopefully the last time. Damn ! I have
           to reconvert 1032 TCMs). Please also note that the TCI format
           is under reconstruction. The Test.TCI currently doesn't work !
17.12.97 - Removed GetSineTable(), GetLinearTable() and GetFrequencyTable()
18.12.97 - Removed CalcLinearFreqRemainder()
2o.12.97 - Note retrigger (18)/Multi retrig (19) enhanced with a divider. The
           divider for Multi retrig is enabled and disabled with Extended
           control (1A). TCI format rewritten to match actual states. The
           TCI file should now work once again.
21.12.97 - IFF-TCE1 format updated to reflect the actual state.
29.o3.98 - Some text here has been updated and some information was corrected.
o6.o4.98 - FORMxxxxXXX! headers changed to FORMxxxxXXX1.
         - Fast into memory loader decruncher added.
o9.o4.98 - AHI Device driver included! Now TuComposer supports any soundcard
           that owns an AHI driver. The echo DSP of AHI is supported. See
           UTILS.TXT for how to activate it. If you use the Paula driver of
           of AHI, you should set the AHI paula buffer to at least 256 bytes
           or you will run into trouble with modules having lots of channels.
13.o4.98 - Added the synth structure. This is *REALLY WORTH* understanding !
o9.o5.98 - Again a change in the TCM format. Arghhh (speed limits added) !
26.o6.98 - Added sustained synth entry points
12.o7.98 - Added synth symbol table
14.o7.98 - Renamed LVOs InitMixer(), ResetMixer() and ChangeMixer() to
           AllocMixer(), FreeMixer() and InitMixer(). Removed the last
           two parameters in AllocMixer() resulting in only one parameter.
18.o7.98 - TCM1, TCI1 and TCY1 formats have changed. ARRRGHHHH !!! Again,
           modules need to be reconverted. I hate it ! This was necessary
           due to envelope node points support (required for better XM/IT
           compatibility when saving, for XM also when loading)
20.o7.98 - TCM1 again changed (I KILL MYSELF, ARRGHH). Instrument transpose
           in order list added (allows you to map any instruments of a track
           to the given instrument in Instrument transpose.
28.o7.98 - TCM1 format changed a little bit again (I HATE MYSELF :-))
           moved song comp. flag: Separate samples to instrument comp. flag.
29.o7.98 - Synthetic additions.
o2.o8.98 - Position tempo added. TCMs need again a change. ARGGGHHHH !!!!
o4.o8.98 - Waveform repeat points added.
29.o7.99 - Updated certain things here (finally managed it to update the
           history as well).
31.o7.99 - Mixer LVOs updated.
o1.o8.99 - CGetInfo() added.
o3.o8.99 - GetExternalLibs() changed. Pattern renamed to ExtLibPatStr.
o7.o8.99 - InsertSynthCodeLine() & DeleteSynthCodeLine() flags added.
o5.o2.oo - GetOptimalBits() added.
           Some obselete LVOs deleted (packed track note)
o8.o2.oo - GetInstrEnvelopes(), FreeInstrEnvelopes(), AddInstrEnvelopes()
         - GetInstrSamples(), FreeInstrSamples() finished.
         - GetInstrKeyboard() added.
1o.o2.oo - ReMapEnvelope(), ReMapKeyboard() & ReMapArpeggio() added.
         - CmpInstrs(), CmpArpeggios() added.
12.o2.oo - AllocReMapStr() & FreeReMapStr() removed (obselete now).
         - GetSongInstrs() & ReMapSongInstrs() changed.
         - GetSongEnvelopes(), FreeSongEnvelopes(), GetSongKeyboards(),
           FreeSongKeyboards(), GetSongArpeggios() & FreeSongArpeggios()
         - SwapTrackInSong(), SwapInstrInModule(), SwapEnvelopeInModule(),
           SwapKeyboardInModule(), SwapArpeggioInModule(),
           SwapSampleInInstr() & SwapWaveformInSynth() added.
o1.o3.oo - Post processor functions added.
         - SetPlayExecHandlerPri() added.
o3.o3.oo - AddPostProcessor() changed.
22.o4.oo - ValidateEnvNodes() added.
24.o4.oo - PlayRow(), ConvertStereo() and ReMapSampleData() removed.
         - CutSampleData(), CopySampleData(), PasteSampleData()
           and CropSampleData() enhanced by SampleBuf.
         - changed playback functions and removed all Holdxxx() functions.
o1.o5.oo - Updated certain infos in this file.
26.o7.oo - AllocSoundDevice() changed.
o8.o8.oo - PlayTrack(), PlayInstr(), PlaySample() & PlayWaveform() changed.
         - StopTrack(), ContTrack(), StopInstr(), ContInstr(),
           StopSample(), ContSample() & StopWaveform() removed.
1o.o8.oo - PlayRow() added.
11.o8.oo - PlayPosition() added.
Nothing more here now, later here will be all changes in this file,
just to see what changed from the beginning until it's completion.

Cu, see ya ! Your Basty/CDGS...

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