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Post External Library support...
How do you think of thiz...tell me your opinion about thiz plannings...
When we begin the developing...each TuC member, that is active in
Coding, Composing, Organizing should be work on thiz...

Composers test it, while organizers organize the user interface, etc. and
Coders make the main thing...of course, we split. One makes the 65536ch
mix routine...the other codes the effects and the other codes the main
thing, two others make the PC port, maybe even one do the Apple/Mac port...
All is possible...I hope we can include all features described here, then
we'll rule the music tracking world ! We should release it as Freeware, or
MODware (you probably can think what thiz it)...

Developing on Amiga has begun end of october 96. Over 37500 lines 100% 68020+
Asm code now. The following external loaders have been completed on the
Fast into memory loader   (accelates loading) (internal_memloader.library)

Soundcard devices:
Amiga Native Paula   (14-bit, real surround support) (internal_paula.library)
AHI Device Driver 95% done (16-bit, echo DSP support) (ahidevice.library)

Mixing devices:
Low Quality Mixer 99% done (internal_lqmix.library)
High Quality Mixer 99% done (hqmix.library) (better than GUS, AWE32/64 !!!)

Recording devices:

Module loaders:
TuComposer Module (TCM)   (internal_tcm.library)
FastTracker ][ XM module loader  (50% completed)   (xm.library)
ImpulseTracker I & ][ module loader  (50% completed)   (it.library)
ScreamTracker ]I[ module loader  (50% completed)   (s3m.library)
Pro/Take/FastTracker & clones module loader  (50% completed)   (mod.library)
FutureComposer 1.3/1.4 module loader  (48% completed)   (fc13-14.library)

Song loaders:
TuComposer Module (TCM) song loader   (internal_tcs.library)

Track loaders:
TuComposer Track (TCT)   (internal_tct.library)
FastTracker ][ XT   (created when you save as Track in FT2) (xt.library)
FastTracker ][ XM track ripper  (Pick out tracks) (xmt.library)
ScreamTracker ]I[ track ripper  (Patterns always 32 channels) (s3mt.library)
ImpulseTracker track ripper  (Patterns always 64 channels) (itt.library)
Pro/Take/FastTracker & clones track ripper   (modt.library)

Instrument loaders:
TuComposer Instrument   (TCI)    (internal_tci.library)
FastTracker ][ XI   (created when you save as Instrument in FT2) (xi.library)
ImpulseTracker ITI   (created when saving as Instrument in IT) (impi.library)
FastTracker ][ instrument ripper   (pick out the instruments) (xmi.library)
ImpulseTracker instrument ripper   (only instrument mode ITs) (iti.library)

Sample loaders:
FORM-8SVX (5% completed)   (internal_iff.library)
RIFF-WAVE (50% completed, including WAVs with RIFX????WAVE id)   (wav.library)

Synth loaders:
TuComposer Synth (TCY)    (internal_tcy.library)

Note: ImpulseTracker loader also supports the new volume column additions
(slides, vibratos, etc.) that came in IT2.09. The IT loader tries if you
enable this option to find the channels by scanning backwards the 64 channels
until an non-disabled one is found. The NNA channels will always be set
to 64 (can be configured by you). However, only in instrument mode when
other NNAs than NNA Cut are used, because in sample mode NNA is always cut.
The ITI instrument loader saves only IT2.xx instruments. I don't change this,
because the old v1.xx is dying out and as you can import it, it should not be
a problem. The latest public IT version is 2.14v4, so get it if you have an
1.xx version. The MOD loaders supports ProTracker-Style modules up to 256
channels ! It handles standard IDs like M.K., FLT4, FLT8, EMW3, M!K!, TDZx,
xCHN, xxCH and the new xxxC, where xxx is a number from 100 to 256, allowing
thus 100 - 256 channels PT-style modules as well as old SoundTracker modules
without an ID (even those with 31 samples). It also supports songs (external
instruments) and tempo only & fast vol slide MODs, the FT2 Set panning
command (8xx) and NoiseTracker's repeat start and its doubled vibratos. But
be forewarned that a pattern of an 256 channel PT-style module takes 65536
(4*64*256) bytes. But PowerPacker, XPK, PKZIP, LHA, LZX and the alike will be
very happy when crunching such huge patterns :-))) The following
tucomposer.library routines have been implemented so far. Marked with a * are
done but will require changes when library is completed. These marked with ;
aren't begun yet but planned:

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